NCT 201

The evolution of electronics, faster microprocessors, internet, high-speed networks, mobile world, the endless range of PC peripheries and services turned the conservative industrial electronics upside down. These days a successful CNC is unthinkable without ETHERNET connection, high capacity memory, or a PENDRIVE for saving part programs or without any cursor device (mouse, touchpad, trackball, touchscreen). The CNC system software has to adapt to the usual management techniques of PC (select, copy, search, file management etc.) and file compatibility is very important for the portability of programs. Windows Embedded, the operation system developed for industrial automation has been installed in the NCT 200 controls to fulfill these requirements. The connection between the peripheries and the central unit managed by standard industrial ETHERNET (EtherCAT) channel, which is a worldwide standard these days. And something else! The default screen of NCT 200 control series is a touchscreen that is widely used in industrial computers (IPC) and mobile devices.

15” / 19″ Touchscreen

User-friendly The user-friendly interface (HMI) is the most important advan- tage of a touchscreen. Data input is done by a virtual keyboard “painted” on the touchscreen. The keyboard picture only appears and takes up screen space when data input is possible. Adapting other languages is not a problem due to the virtual keyboard;


Lathe, mill, grinder, sheet metal cutter CNC
It is a great advantage if different type of machine tools can use the same control and the operating and programming system is compatible among them, and there are only tech- nological differences. The NCT 200 series controls can be installed in different machine tools, and only specific PLC pro- grams and necessary technological macros need to be de- veloped.

15” / 19″ Display ad Processor Unit with EHU01 CPU
Machine Keyboard panel


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